How to use Kiss colors semi-permanent tintation

How to use Kiss colors semi-permanent tintation

There are different hair-dying techniques, but there is a new coloring trend, which we call tintation. It is different from hair dye because it leaves an extra layer of the subtle tint of your favorite color on the hair. People are adopting this dying technique quickly because it adds a pigment layer to the hair, which we have applied. It does not alter the natural hair color but adds colorful and eye-catching details to our natural hair color. 

Many brands offer hair color tintation, but you must go for kiss color tintation because its transparent hue will make your hair vibrant and attractive. You need not compromise hair health while using kiss color tintation. It will make you bold with your healthy and beautiful hair. Why should we use kiss colors’ semi-permanent tintation?

Many features make kiss colors Supreme. For example, these colors contain natural ingredients which are best for our hair health. They give a vibrant look to the hair and boost our beauty. In this article, you will get complete information about semi-permanent kiss color tintation and the process of usage. 

No need for developers

Developers are the chemicals used in permanent colors. You may get worse effects on hair if you use other chemicals containing hair colors for tintation. In contrast, semi-permanent kiss colors are natural and don’t need any developer. It is an oxidant cream that may contain Ammonia, peroxide, or Sulfur. Semi-permanent hair colors are developer free because they allow hair colors to deposit on the hair cortex by lifting the cuticle. To know the importance of developer-free hair colors, I’ll explain their benefits:

  • Give gentle shades to our hair. 
  • Best for sensitive skin
  • Give smooth, soft, and silky finish
  • Give natural look
  • Odorless 

An important point is the odor of Ammonia containing hair dyes, which is irritating for most people. In this way, kiss colors’ semi-permanent tintation helps you to stay ahead of trends without using harsh chemicals. 

Allergy test or Hair-patch test

Before using any hair color, it is essential to have an allergy test. It tells us whether our skin is sensitive to the chemicals in that hair dye. It will cause contact dermatitis if your skin is incompatible with kiss semi-permanent tintation. Your skin will become red, inflamed, dry, scaly, and blistered. The allergen in these semi-permanent hair dyes is Para phenyl-diamine, which can cause skin allergy. To avoid severe allergies, you must do a hair patch test. Pour a small amount of kiss hair color and apply it on the inner elbow, top of the ears, or behind the ear. Let it last for almost twenty minutes to dry. Wash it properly and observe your skin. Don’t use kiss color on hair if it has caused some irritation or allergy to the skin. In this way, you can check if the hair-tintation is suitable for your skin or not. A point to ponder is that you must not leave it on your skin for more than twenty minutes. It may also result in skin irritation if the dye lasts longer on the skin.

Use Aloe Vera water

In kiss color semi-permanent tintation, you can use Aloe Vera water instead of distilled water. It helps in maximizing the treatment benefits of kiss colors’ semi-permanent tintation. It has a chemical makeup similar to keratin, a primary hair protein. Some proteolytic enzymes are present in Aloe Vera water which is necessary for our hair health. We always talk about healthy hair, which hair we should call healthy.  we can call smooth, shiny, soft, and silky hair healthy hair.

 Some Amino acids are also present in aloe Vera water which helps repair the dead cells on the scalp. Another outstanding benefit of Aloe Vera water is that it maintains the optimal pH balance. That’s why you must use Aloe Vera water with kiss colors semi-permanent tintation. 

Cleansing and conditioning the hair

Before applying kiss color semi-permanent tintation, it is vital to shampoo your hair. You have to use shampoo and conditioner, which works for color-treated hair. These colors help you keep the hair vibrant and eye-catching for long periods. Your dye will not fade away quickly if you are using suitable shampoo.

Conditioning your hair is also necessary to get the best results of kiss color semi-permanent tintation.

For this, you must know the proper process of conditioning. Conditioner is applied on shampooed hair when you have washed it thoroughly. Use your fingers to comb the conditioner through the hair ends. Let it stay for a few minutes on your hair, and then rinse. Now your hair is ready for tintation, apply kiss color semi-permanent tintation on it.

Section your hair

To apply kiss color orientation on your hair, first of all, you should divide the hair into sections. You can use hair clamps to hold each of these sections. It is necessary because the dye can mask every hair on your head. Otherwise, some of the hair will remain deprived of tintation if you try to apply the color to the whole. Release the sections one after the other and put kiss color on them.

Use gloves

Gloves are also crucial before dying your hair. They will protect your skin if it is sensitive to the chemicals found in hair colors. It may result in irritation on the hands or some allergic reaction. Gloves help you avoid getting in touch with hair dye. In this way, your hands remain clean and protected from chemicals. High-quality rubber gloves are best for hands safety.

Apply edge fixer

While dying the hair, it is necessary to apply an edge fixer because baby hair is a problem. It will help us fix the small hair and offer you maximum hold on it. You can use petroleum jelly or any other basic reagent on the forehead, above and beyond the ears. The staining problem also vanishes when we apply petroleum jelly.

Apply kiss color semi-permanent tintation

Start applying the tintation over hair through color brushes. You will start half away from the scalp.

 After applying the dye, comb your hair, which makes the hair-dye mask even the roots of the hair. Leave it on the hair for at least twenty-five minutes. You can let it last longer if you want intense coloration. It may harm our hair if we leave it for more time.

Protect your hair

Protection is also necessary if you don’t want the color to fade away. The sulfur-free shampoo is best for this purpose. You must cover your hair before stepping into the sunny area because sun rays are harmful to hair, and the dye fades quickly. To avoid it, use caps or hair sunscreen to let the color persist on your hair. Tintation hair spray is also beneficial for this purpose.

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